North Sea and Baltic Sea

North Sea and Baltic Sea North Sea and Baltic Sea

The North Sea and the Baltic Sea are among Germany's favourite holiday destinations. The coast offers an interesting array of scenery from sandy beaches to jagged cliffs with sleepy coastal towns adorning the coastline. The atmosphere is relaxed and laid back.

The inhabitants of the coastal 'Friesland' have maintained their own separate culture and dialect of German.

Inland, the countryside is characterised by wide, rolling farmland and peat bogs. The romantic North Friesian islands reward those who make the trek with sunshine, sand dunes, sea and pure air. The sensitive ecosystem is protected by generous areas of national park. The main island of the North Sea, Sylt, is one of Germany's favourite spa areas.

Ruegen is situated in the Baltic Sea and is known for its white cliffs, its sandy beaches and picturesque villages.

Obviously, fishing is always an alternative in this charming area of Germany. On some islands surfing is even a possibility.