Georg Friedrich Händel (1685 - 1759)

Georg Friedrich Haendel Prolific composer and child performer Händel

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Händel started his career as a child performer on the piano. Aged 9 he composed some early work. Händel had always had an affinity for opera and worked as a violinisst and composer for the Hamburg opera house.

Later, he moved to London and was promoted to director of the Royal Academy of Music. There, his name was adapted to British spelling, hence his pseudonym 'George Frederic Handel'.

Händel was a prolific composer. His oeuvre consists of fifty operas, numerous oratorios and a large amount of church music and instrumental pieces. Today, his operas are mostly forgotten but Händel is still famous for his oratorios. 'The Messiah' ('Der Messias') is probably his best known composition. Another famous suite called 'Water Music' is said to have been the means of reconciliation between Händel and King George I of England.