Christa Wolf (1929 -)

German literature: Christa Wolf Christa Wolf's novels are critically acclaimed and financially successfull

Christa Wolf is an example for many East German intellectuals. In the beginning, she fervently believed in the principles of communism only to be deeply disappointed.

From the 1960s onwards she tries to balance political and artistic demands. Always earning praise and criticism alike she published 'Der geteilte Himmel' ('The Shared Sky') and 'Nachdenken über Christa T.' (Thinking about Christa T.).

Later, Christa Wolf became interested in the reinterpretation of ancient Greek mythology. She attempted to rehabilitate tragic female figures, 'Kassandra' and 'Medea' among others.

After Germany's reunification she was heavily attacked for her political activities but was in time rehabilitated. Her novels are critically acclaimed and financially successfull.