Thomas Mann (1875 - 1955)

German literature: Thomas Mann - Foto: Buddenbrookhaus Luebeck Thomas Mann

Famous for his prose such as 'Death in Venice', 'The Magic Mountain' ('Der Zauberberg'), his 'Joseph' trilogy and early 'Buddenbrooks', a novel for which he was awarded the Nobel prize, Thomas Mann was always a prolific author.

The situation in Nazi Germany forced him to emigrate to the States.

His novel 'Death in Venice' was turned into a major film by Luciano Visconti and into an opera by Benjamin Britten.

His brother Heinrich Mann was an acclaimed writer, too. His novel 'Professor Unrat' was rewritten into a successfull film: 'The Blue Angel' ('Der blaue Engel') starring Marlene Dietrich.

Lübeck, Thomas Mann's hometown and an inspiration for his novel 'Buddenbrooks', features a literary museum with a focus on Thomas and Heinrich Mann called the Buddenbrook House ('Buddenbrookhaus'). Two of the rooms are styled as described in Thomas Mann's masterpiece.

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