Communication & Media in Germany


International phone calls are obviously cheaper if you use private phone companies. You can either use one of the many international call centres or a prepaid card. Costs vary significantly, it pays to do some comparative research. In emergencies dial 110 for the police and 112 for the fire brigade or medical care. The call is for free, but abuse of this service is severely punished.

Access to internet

In Germany, internet access is often possible via a university or school. If not, all major cities offer numerous internet cafes. Some pubs and coffee shops also offer internet access .

German newspapers

There are an enormous number of newspapers and magazines in Germany. Due to the country's federal nature, local papers are surprisingly popular. 'Bild' offers news with a focus on the scandalous and gossip. Faz ('Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung') is respected for its in-depth coverage of political and cultural news. The weekly publication 'Die Zeit' is excellent, even though you will need more than a week to actually read it. Many German coffee shops offer a large selection of newspapers for customers to browse. Some kiosks, esp. at train stations, offer a wide range of international newspapers as well.

German magazines

'Der Spiegel' and 'Focus' are weekly glossy magazines covering politics, sports and culture alike. 'Der Stern' is the third major general interest magazine. The number of special interest magazines is enormous. Just browse and you are sure to find something to suit your taste!

German TV & radio

ARD, ZDF and 3 Sat are traditional public broadcasting organisations ("öffentlich-rechtlich"). Sat1, Pro 7, RTL and RTL 2 are just some of a number of popular commercial broadcasting organisations. Arte as its name suggest focuses on high-quality films, the arts, lifestyle and documentaries. Cable television is widespread in Germany's households.

The number of radio channels is high and varies throughout the country. Free radio stations complicate the situation: Just turn on the radio and search until you find something you like.