Famous German Festivals & Events


Berlinale - Berlin's film festival

From its beginning in post war Berlin, the Berlinale was always designed to be an international rather than a national film festival.

Germany's East

Berlin Marathon

Another way of doing sightseeing? Here's one: If you stay the distance of the 42 km Berlin Marathon course, it will show you all the major sights!

Berlin Marathon
Rhine Valley

Carnival in Germany

In Germany, Mardi Gras ('Fasching') is also known as the fifth and foolish season ('die närrische Zeit'). It is a time of elaborate parades, masks, balls and election of Carnival king and queen and officially sanctioned madness.

Carnival in Germany
Ruhr Valley

Frankfurt's Book Fair

Frankfurt is a big player in the global trade fair business. Annually an average of 80 fairs and exhibitions attract numerous visitors from all over Europe. One of the highlights is Frankfurt's book fair.

Frankfurt Book Fair
Baltic Sea

Munich's 'Oktoberfest'

Today, the 'Oktoberfest' is the largest festival worldwide, attracting a multitude of visitors. Apart from beer tents, the festival offers amusements as diverse as roller coasters, circus appearances, festive parades and live brass bands.