Heidelberg City Travel Guide

Heidelberg's beautiful old town Heidelberg's old town

Heidelberg's popularity is based on 3 essential elements of the city: its location, castle and university. Situated in a valley of the Neckar river, the beautiful old town with its sights and narrow, picturesque roads, is easily accessible on foot.

The lively main street is ideal for shopping: In specially created pedestrian area no cars or forms of public transportation are allowed to disturb your shopping experience.

The world famous castle is without doubt Heidelberg's highlight. A perfect view of the city, numerous cultural activities and festivals attract the castle's countless visitors. If you extend your stay into the night you can enjoy the magical nature of the lighting and - if you are lucky - one of the many firework displays.

The city's atmosphere is formed by its university. A favourite among Germany's students, it has always guaranteed a certain free spirit and been a home to great thinkers and an impressive number of Nobel laureates.

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