Freiburg im Breisgau City Travel Guide

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Freiburg im Breisgau is habitually associated with the famous Black Forest region, with its traditional cherry-and-chocolate gateau and of course, cuckoo clocks.

Although you can already find all this, Freiburg has many other things to offer: architectural highlights mirroring the city's changing fates, excellent wine, numerous cultural events and showcasing the region's natural beauty.

Freiburg is situated at the southern tip of the Black Forest region in the immediate vincinity of France (3 km distance) and Switzerland (42 km). As the border to France was a disputed one, Freiburg's history is full of plagues, wars and changing sovereigns. In World War II the city was accidentally bombed by German planes and almost completely destroyed… its historic centre has been reconstructed accurately and in detail.

The city's major sights are the impressive cathedral ('Münster unserer lieben Frau') with its mixture of late Romanesque and Gothic architecture, the old and new city halls, the historic merchant house and Gothic 'Haus zum Walfisch' ('house of the whale'), in which the Renaissance philosopher Erasmus von Rotterdam resided for some years.

As a university town, Freiburg offers quite a selection of cultural events, restaurants, coffee shops, museums and art galleries without losing its small town charm. Its climate is pleasant and allows for extensive vine growing.

Freiburg's traditional cuisine, based on asparagus, river trout and 'kässpätzle' (a cheese-covered dish of noodles), is something to savour.

A cable car takes you on top of mount 'Schauinsland' (translates as: Look into the country) and offers a panoramic view over Freiburg and its surrounding areas.

Learn German in Freiburg